Hi everyone!

I’m back again with a little recap of my Wine Press Trip in Portugal last month. Onto the night of day 2 and the morning of day 3, I must talk about Hotel Monverde Wine Experience. One of the nicest hotels I’ve stayed in. First, we were greeted with a delicious wine pairing dinner. 11 wines tasted during the night! I’ve never seen that many glasses on a table before.

Two of their wines are also available at our SAQ : Quinta da Lixa Pouco Comum Vinho verde Minho 2019 and Quinta da Lixa Aroma das Castas 2020. The vinho verde region wines pair pretty well with seafood, therefore, no surprise there we had glazed scallops, but also a variety of food like the duck.

The design of the Monverde Hotel is quite exquisite, modern symetric lines and black frames, structures that contrast with wood panels, all to offer a sense of luxury all the while reminding us to reconnect with nature.

In the morning, we had the fun time to even make our own wine! I would have to admit, that’s probably one of the most useful activity as your learn about the grape varieties and it actually stays in your long-term memory.

*invitation to travel with Vinho Verde Commission