Cafe Nelli

Introducing you to our lovely addition in my neighborhood, in the Old-Port: Cafe Nelli.

Large street-facing opened windows

Interior decor with plants and bas-relief

Cafe Nelli is a new project from Hotel Nelligan, they have successfully created a place that answers my ultimate needs: a coffee shop during the day so I can work on my laptop and a wine bar at night to taste all the organic wines they have to offer accompanied with a beautiful menu: tartare, oysters, specials of the night, fried octopus, we got a platter of their roasted chicken and it was a well-worth menu.

Pastries and iced chocolate

They also have a special Happening Gourmand menu for 25$, for people with a bigger appetite like me, I recommend getting the roasted chicken option, you’ll thank me later :)

Oysters and charcuterie platter

Posing by the street view window

Cheers to red wine and roasted chicken

Orange wine and coffee table

A little warning: Once I fall in love with a place, I tend to go back to the same place multiple times and recently, I’ve been to Cafe Nelli + Bar À Vin at least twice a week for a few weeks now and each time, the staff was welcoming and happy to see us. Their couch besides the window, may or may not be our official spot now ;)

Cafe Nelli


Rating: 5/5

Happening Gourmand at 25$

Tip: Ask for the roasted chicken ;) The platter is worth it!